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Education/Awareness/Early Diagnosis:
JED, Active Minds, BC2M, NAMI, IBPF, DBSAlliance
Dual Diagnosis:
SAMHAS, Polar Warriors, WebMD, Mayo, NAMI
Self-Harm, Suicidal/Out or In-Patient:
Lifeline,, JED, Active Minds, AFSP, ZeroSuicide,, ActionAlliance Care Transitions, TMS, ECT, PADs, Menninger Programs
Community, Support Groups:
NAMI, DBSAlliance, WebMD, Black Dog, BPHope
Life, Engage, Wellbeing, Careers, PG, Future:
JED, Active Minds, BC2M, BPHope, This is My Brave

It is hoped BipolarLinks supplements Transitional Care and helps You create Your path to Recovery.


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Susan is inspired by her 22 year old daughter Alexis's bipolar journey.

It is hoped links on this website will help build Bipolar Resilience

SAMHSA defines Recovery:
"a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential."

Recovery is Possible, Reachable, Attainable!

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Embrace Your Uniqueness:  Acceptance is Where it Begins


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Be Risk Aware!


When a senior in Barnard college, Alexis was diagnosed with Bipolar I.

She had:

NO Transitional Care;

Abruptly Stopped Meds;

Had NO Safety Plan; and

Drove Before Stable.



Alexis's 2006 Barnard classmates founded the Alexis Knox Internship Fund to provide a stipend for those who could otherwise not afford to participate in unpaid internships. 

Any donation is appreciated.

We did not know:
There is an * INCREASED * risk of death in the short term upon release from inpatient psychiatric care! Be Risk Aware

Bipolar Links: Mission Statement

For those affected by bipolar to . . .

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    remove fear and uncertainty;

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    instill understanding, options and belonging;

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    provide resources, tools and power.

So no one feels afraid, confused and without resources.

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