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Embrace Uniqueness

Acceptance is Where Healing Begins

Bipolar Disorder is Treatable

A long term continuous treatment plan can help reduce frequency and severity of mood swings 

Bipolar Basics

Bipolar disorder causes extreme shifts in mood that interfere with life, sleep and productivity.

Untreated Bipolar & Risks

When untreated, a person with bipolar disorder risks the inability to maintain balance in personal and professional matters.

Self-Harm/Suicide Risks

Help is available for suicidal thoughts and self-harm. A caregiver can help ahead of time with a plan for such thoughts. Suicide is  preventable. Call 988 or 800-273-TALK (8255).

Building Mental Wellness

Making the right choices as to treatment, exercise, diet and lifestyle are critical to building wellness resilience.


Many treatment options, facilities and plans exist. A mental healthcare professional can help guide you to your optimal plan.


Long term well-being requires a commitment to your treatment plan and healthy habits.

Better Living Building Blocks

Thriving with bipolar requires resilience. Build your resilience toolbox. 


With treatment, healthy habits and time many doors to a life filled with joy open.


Engage with peers to learn ways to share, create, advocate, lead, and collaborate; enjoy life!

Virtual Communities

Learn and share experiences through blogs, podcasts and social media.

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