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"amazing and beautiful

"a heart wrenching but beautiful story."

"a loving yet difficult journey"

"beautifully written"

"an inspiration" and

"an invaluable resource"

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"affecting portrait of bipolar disorder"

"vividly describing the gamut of emotions"
"offering resources for others"

Bipolar Links

Blue Ink Review



"thought provoking "

"a valuable asset for
mental health caregivers and advocates"

Bipolar Links
Bipolar Links

"This Book Could Save Lives"

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A Bipolar Journey

Underscores . . . Perils of Isolation, Silence, Exclusion

Illustrates . . . Dangers, along with joys and gifts of Bipolar

Underscores . . . Urgency to Connect to Transitional Resources

Raises Risk Awareness of:

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. . . Abruptly stopping meds

. . . Use of Car before Stable

. . . No Transitional Care

A Touching Tale

A Bipolar Journey