Bipolar & The Future

Checkups on Mental Health


by Susan Knox Kopta

How can I ask you to talk about this?
For you to have to ask, I do not wish
But screening's not on the GP’s list
Parents’ fears mean asking they resist

It doesn’t get addressed, all afraid to ask
It must become a yearly checkup task
It's better managed than left untended
Children need to be helped and befriended

Mental health has its own set of clues
Disorders don't just pop out of the blue
Is there deep compassion but also rage?
Does it seem to last longer than a stage?

Is there difficulty finding deep sleep?
Are activities stuck on repeat?
Are projects dived into with full steam?
Followed by sleep forever it seems?

Maybe now you see what I mean
Normal can be abnormal in extremes
If a pattern appeared on a teen's chart
That could be a very good place to start

Early Discovery

Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation


Stanley medical research institute

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation

Juvenile-onset Bipolar


Dial 3 Digits: Suicide Prevention reports a

3 Digit Suicide Prevention Number

was approved and, in the meantime,

voice calls as usual to provide support: