Bipolar & Risks!

take seriously!

Manage Well

Anosognosia Risk:
Lack of Awareness

Everyday Health

Bipolar Disorder and Anosognosia

national alliance on mental illness



Why Some People Stop Taking Their Meds

Alcohol & Illicit Drugs

Self-Medication ~ to ~ Abuse Disorder

Psych Central

All About Substance Use and Bipolar Disorder


Sober Consideration:
Bipolar, Alcohol & the Decision to Drink

Health Line

Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder

Everyday Health

5 Foods to Avoid
if You Have Bipolar Disorder
(#2: Alcohol)

Evaluate: Caffeine Use


The Buzz On Caffeine & Bipolar Disorder

Healthy Place

Coffee and Bipolar Disorder Don't Mix

Everyday Health

5 Foods to Avoid if You Have Bipolar Disorder
(#1: Caffeine)

Most Frequently Abused Substances
with Bipolar Disorder


~ Alcohol - 42%
~ Cannabis - 20%
~ Illicit Drugs - 17%
~ Cocaine/Amphetamines - 11%

Dual Diagnosis:
Bipolar & Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

. . . people with bipolar disorder and
co-occurring alcohol use disorder are . . .
more likely to be hospitalized
and to attempt suicide . . .

Evaluate: High Stress Situations

Everyday Health

7 Triggers That Can Cause a Bipolar Episode
(#1: Stress)


Bipolar Disorder: Who's at Risk?
(Section on Stress)


9 Mistakes You May Be Making
When Dealing with Stress AND Bipolar Disorder

Psy Com

Bipolar Disorder Causes
(Risk Factors: High Stress)

Bipolar Links
Bipolar Links

Inpatient Psychiatric Care
Death Risk at Discharge!

"risk of suicide
after discharge was high"

"individuals are at

high risk of suicide
after discharge
from psychiatric inpatient care"

in the month after
inpatient psychiatric care, the

suicide rate is 200 times higher

Suicide ~ is ~ preventable

Suicide Risk ~20 times Higher

30% May Attempt Suicide

Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Evaluate: Driving Risk

Driving Ability in Bipolar

Neuropsychological exponents for the driving ability of remitted bipolar patients

Mania, Mixed Episodes & Suicide

mixed episode
showed a higher rate of suicide risk

Health Line

Dysphoric Mania: Symptoms, Treatment, and More

University of Michigan Health

Bipolar Disorder: Preventing Manic Episodes


This Is What a Bipolar Manic Episode Feels Like


What is Dysphoric Mania?

Very Well Mind

Dysphoric Mania in Bipolar Disorder

Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Schizoaffective, Psychosis & Suicide

Better help

What is Schizoaffective Disorder Bipolar Type:

Health Line

Unpacking Psychosis Episodes and Bipolar Disorder

Psychiatric Times

Psychosis and Suicidality in Adolscents


Is It Bipolar Disorder or Schizophrenia?

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Understanding A First Episode
of Psychosis: Young Adult

Psych Congress Network

Tragically High Suicide Rate

Risks of Co-occurring

Rehab Spot

Co-Occurring Disorders

Health Line #1

Can You Have Bipolar Disorder and an
Anxiety Disorder at the Same Time?

Health Line #2

Can You Have Bipolar Disorder and OCD?

Very Well Mind #1

The Effect of PTSD on
People With Bipolar Disorder

Very Well Mind #2

The Link Between OCD and Bipolar Disorder

BIPOLAR  disorder:

“. . . one of the most severe,
complex conditions . . .
it is also
very treatable,
and those affected can experience
prolonged recoveries and lead fulsome lives,”


CAMH: Dr. Benjamin Goldstein

From Bipolar Disorder

5 Self-help Tips

Be Aware: Bodily Risks

Health Line

Effects of Bipolar Disorder on the Body


Is Bipolar Disorder Increasing Your Risk
of Developing Heart Disease? 

Healio News

Lithium and Chronic Kidney Disease


What to Do When Bipolar Disorder Affects
Our Physical Health & More

Your Health Matters

The princess at the heart of bipolar disorder

National alliance on mental illness



Evaluate: Inheritance

Make Good Choices
on Things
You Can Control

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