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Co-occurring SUD


Polar Warriors: Dual Diagnosis

WebMD: Bipolar & Alcohol Abuse Mental Illness and Substance Abuse notes alcohol is most commonly abused substance with bipolar:

Mayo Clinic: Bipolar & Alcoholism Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism: Are They Related?

NAMI: substance use disorders

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): Substance Use Disorders: Addiction

Foundations Recovery Network ( Bipolar and Addiction:

Healthline: Bipolar & Alcohol Use Bipolar Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder:

Medical News: Alcohol and Bipolar How Does Alcohol Affect Bipolar Disorder?

Psychiatric Advisor: Bipolar & SUD Bipolar and SUD involves many diagnostic and treatment challenges:

DBSAlliance: Recovery

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance ( Dual Diagnosis and Recovery:

Dual Diagnosis Facilities

SAMHSA: Choosing a Facility

SAMHSA Advisory: Choosing a dual diagnosis treatment center using "FIRESIDE principles":

Addiction Center

Under "Community" "Who Addiction Affects" "Co-Disorder" "Bipolar Disorder" find: Understanding Bipolar Disorder:

Lakeview Health: Treatment Center

Under "Addiction Treatment Programs" "Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center" "Bipolar Treatment Center" find:

Rehab Spot: Co-occurring

Under "Treatment" "Co-occurring Disorders" find:

Beachway Therapy Center: Holistic

The Beachway Therapy Center (

Under "Programs" "Dual Diagnosis" "Bipolar Disorder" find:

Beachway: SUD & Mental Illness Overview

Beachway: Bipolar and Addiction

Greenhouse American: Addiction

Greenhouse American Addiction Treatment Centers:

Under "Addiction Information" "Co-occurring" "Bipolar Disorder" find: 

Sierra Tucson: Co-Occurring

Under "What We Treat" "Co-occurring" "Types" "Bipolar Disorder" find:

Sierra Tucson: Signs & Symptoms of Bipolar


Dual Diagnosis Recovery Network Foundations Recovery Network explores:

The Recovery Village: Bipolar & Addiction; Substance Abuse

Under "Addiction Treatment" "Dual Diagnosis" "How Common. . ." "Bipolar Disorder" find:

Bipolar Disorder & Substance Abuse

For the Ridgefield, WA Center, under "Treatment Programs" "Co-occurring" "Bipolar Disorder" find:

Bipolar Co-occurring with Addiction - Ridgefield, WA Location

The Recovery Village:

LGBTQ+ Facility Options 

Mission Harbor Behavioral Health

Michael's House

Cast Centers



Facility  Locators 


American Residential Treatment Association (

30 members list photographs, descriptions and types of residential programs offered:

Addiction Center: Dual Diagnosis: Zip Code Locator Zip code facility locator for their facilities:

Addiction Center: Zip Code Finder Bipolar Information


Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (

National Directory of Mental Health Treatment Facilities – 2019 (PDF):

SAMHSA: 2019 Directory Link

SAMHSA: Behavioral Health Treatment Facility Locator Map with a zip code search:

Zip Code Facility Locator


NIH: Find Help

National Institute of Health (NIH): Find a Health Care Provider or Treatment:

TMS  or  ECT?

NIH: compare rtms with ect

A National Institute of Health: Comparison of rTMS with ECT; side effects; hospital earnings; coverage of costs; and patient preferences:

Very Well Mind: TMS & ECT An Expert compares TMS & ECT; stimulation to the point of seizure; where is it done; and the cost:

TMS  &  Bipolar

Psychiatric Times: Risks importance of finding bipolar treatments that do not increase the suicide risk, risk of mixed states and/or rapid cycling risk:

Windmill Wellness Ranch & itms

A variation of TMS is called Integrated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (iTMS): offers iTMS but does not yet list bipolar as a condition to benefit from iTMS:

Psychiatric Advisor: potential rtms Repetitive TMS (rTMS) as potential maintenance therapy for bipolar:

Clinical Trials: rtms / tdcs

Ongoing 2019 Clinical Trial: rTMS & Bipolar:
Ongoing 2019 Clinical Trial: tDCS & Bipolar:

NAMI and Mayo Clinic: Inform YOur Doctor

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the Mayo Clinic stress the importance of informing your physician:
. . . if you have bipolar, are at high suicide risk or have psychosis before having brain stimulation: Tell your doctor if you have substance abuse, bipolar or psychosis before accepting TMS treatments:



Adiltalk1 has a YouTube video, ECT in Modern Psychiatry, of an ECT session:

NIH: ECT STudies

National Institute of Health (NIH) scientific studies of ECT:

NIH: ECT Studies*

(*Website address may change in May 2020)


Healthline: ECT Described ECT described:

Mayo Clinic: View of ECT and its view of ECT:

mha: Informed Consent for ECT

MHA, Mental Health America ( and the need to obtain informed consent before ECT: risks and benefits: ECT described:

ECT: Some Patient Perspectives, Mental Health Blogger and Author, presents some patient perspectives on ECT:

webMD: View on ECT shares it's view of ECT:

MAD IN AMERICa: rethinks ECT Rethinks the use of ECT: ECT addresses ECT

Hopkins Medicine: FAQ on ECT FAQ  on  ECT:


Psychiatric Advanced Directives PAD pro's and con's explains why and when some sign a Psychiatric Advanced Directive (PAD) and use of PAD to express use or nonuse of ECT choice:

Harvard Health: PAD addressed PADs:

NAMI: PAD and legal rights

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) on Psychiatric Psychiatric Advanced Directives (PAD):


NAMI and legal rights of those with mental illness conditions, including Right to Treatment section:

NAMI & Legal Rights

SAMHSA: PAD Resources

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has a Practical Guide to PADs:

SAMHSA: PAD Practical Guide 

SAMHSA also offers information on Behavioral Health Advanced Directives: PAD article on PADs: STATE BY STATE on PAD

The National Resource Center on Psychiatric Advance Directives ( offers state by state information:

Download: PAD Book

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